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The Best Solar Power Solution Company, Kerala, India







GSL ENERGY SOLUTIONS is the best leading company in India. We have been in the industry for the past 10 years. Served around 1000 plus customers over the years and looking forward to serve you.We are the dealers of kirloser and Wareer. Our company has been certified of ANERT. Our prestigious projects are Cochin Shipyard, Cochin Navel Base, Edaserry Bar etc.Consultation of Professional Team from the discussions to the implementation of the Solar.

A Comprehensive Solar Power Solution

Solar power plants are sustainable and cost-effective power solutions, provided the systems are put together correctly and maintained regularly. A primary reason why solar power is not as popular as it should be is because of improper installation and maintenance. The quality of the product used, and expert implementation is most important for long term return on investment. We understand this nuance of solar power generation and deliver solutions that overcome this hurdle and provide you with a hassle-free solar power generation solution.

“Good design with great support ensures a seamless experience of saving with renewable energy” – Founder, GSL Energy Solutions

Our systems are designed to tackle various problems that hinder solar power generation. It starts with good design- Through a site survey, we assess the environment to identify the variables that support and affect solar power generation. Taking them into account, we put together a solar power plant that works best for your needs and budget.


Beyond design and qualified commissioning, we also provide support and monitoring services. All our power plants are connected to a central control center for monitoring and proactive action. All the power plants are checked daily and when the power generation falls below a particular threshold, we contact the owner and provide on-call assistance to restore the power generation. When required, on-site assistance is provided to bring back the power generation to expected values. Our solutions come with a 1-year free warranty and support. Support services can be extended further by purchasing an annual maintenance plan.

When most people end their services with installation, GSL provides continuous support and assistance in maintaining your solar power plants after commissioning. This makes GSL stand out in a largely unorganized solar solution providers’ market space. Our solutions come with a one-year warranty. Beyond the project warranty, all products used in the solution have their individual warranties. We work with products of all major brands and put together solutions based on your needs and budget.





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Solar Water

Electric Vehicle
Charging Stations

Customized Solutions

Solar energy can power just about anything. Projects of all sizes can be electrified with solar energy- be it homes, stores, commercial plazas, or institutions like schools, hospitals, malls, manufacturing units etc. For institutions that spend an enormous amount on electricity bills, solar energy can eliminate electricity expenses and return the investment of setting up the plant in just a few years.

Our team of solar energy experts strive to provide the best solution for every project. Our prestigious projects include equipping IOCL petrol pumps across Kerala with solar power plants that generate 740KW electricity and a project for a Defense institution capable of producing over 340KW of electricity.

GSL ENERGY SOLUTIONS is a leading solar Solutions provider in Kerala that offers the best-in-class solar plants commissioning, and after sales services. We are a premier renewable energy solutions provider in Kerala, specializing in commissioning of solar power plants. Starting with designing, engineering, equipment acquisition, licensing, commissioning, and maintenance of power plants are all undertaken by GSL ENERGY SOLUTIONS PVT LTD.

We have been in the industry for the past 7 years and counting. We have over 440+ clients across Kerala. We have collaborated with about 1500 residential and commercial projects (completed and continuing) in Kerala, India. GSL have installed solar power plants capable of generating about 4.5MW and produce around 183,44 units of energy every day. We have enabled our clients to reduce CO2 emissions and reduced the carbon footprint by 3,898 pounds daily. In short, we provide complete solar turnkey solutions and deliver complete and optimal power plants suitable for clients’ requirement focusing on zeroing on the energy charges. Each Solar plant is water-resistant with waterproof solar structures. Our in-house solar structural modeling and analysis teams facilitate our customers to make the most of their precious investment by commissioning a cost-effective power plant. GSL Energy Solutions has been recognized all over Kerala and in India as one of the Best Solar-Energy Solutions Companies.

Why Choose GSL for Solar Power Plants?

Solar energy has multifold benefits to offer. From being a sustainable energy resource to saving money on electricity, the following are some advantages of installing Solar Power Plant, which is the focus of GSL Energy Solutions.

No more electricity costs

The operating cost of solar panels is zero. The only expense incurred is capital investment in the commissioning of the system. After installing a solar power system, the cost of electricity is virtually zero. Moreover, the money saved on electricity bills can pay back the investment cost in just a few years, which makes solar power plants a truly cost-efficient energy solution

Proven Return on Investment

GSL design the power plants in such a way that the investment can be paid back within not more than 5 years. Considering the warranty of Solar panels of 25 years, remaining 20 years production of electricity can be consumed at free of cost.

Excellent after sales support to ensure production

Proper production of electricity can be drastically affected if the plant is NOT maintained properly. GSL continuously monitoring and proactive maintenance ensure maximum production from the solar plant all the time.

Clean energy source

Solar energy is a clean energy resource and does not harm the environment. Every kilowatt of energy generated through solar power reduces the carbon footprint by .85 pounds. Installing a solar power generation system provides the satisfaction that you also took a step towards sustainability and protecting the environment and saving the earth.

Continuous Monitoring & Pro-active support

All our power plants are connected to a control center for daily monitoring. Daily checks are performed to monitor the power generation of the power plants. If the power generation drops below a particular threshold, we contact the owner and assist in identifying the issue. If required, we provide on-site assistance in resolving the issue.

Generate your own power.

Equipping your building with a solar power plant lets you generate your own electricity. This becomes a convenient solution in remote locations as you can start generating electricity without depending on governmental agencies for an electricity connection. Many developed countries are already producing more than 50% of their energy through solar power.

Solar Plant as Uninterrupted Power Supply Source.

Solar energy combined with an inverter and battery enable your home/property with an Uninterrupted Power Supply. Incorporating batteries into your power plant helps you store the generated power and use it without dependence on the power grid. In such power plants, the generated electricity is stored in batteries which provide power until the grid power supply resumes.

Hassle-free experience.

The adoption of solar power is slow because of the various governmental proceedings in getting approvals and complications with installation and power generation. Our solution addresses all these problems. We take care of all aspects of setting up a solar power plant - from getting the required approvals for setting up a solar power plant to the smooth functioning of the systems. We stay with you throughout the journey. Making us your solar power plant installation partner promises you a seamless experience with solar power.

A Personal Challenge Turned into an Ecological Solution

GSL stands today as the culmination of efforts that began as a personal project to reduce electricity expenses with the help of solar power. It has now evolved into a solar energy solutions company that aims to make efficient solar power plants. A quest to find an efficient solution has taken us years of continuous improvement in solar power plant commissioning. This has enabled GSL to confidently go to market with an offer to commission solar power plant solutions that deliver the promised results. We install solar energy plants for all requirements such as – homes, Supermarkets, Hotels, Hospitals, Churches, Manufacturing units, and any establishment utilize electricity.

By installing our power plants, your properties become solar energy powered and you can considerably reduce your electricity bills. Therefore, making your properties inexpensive to operate and environmentally sustainable.

We are not just into providing solutions, we are also distributors of solar products and accessories. We are the official distributors of Kirloskar and major solar panels manufacturers.

Our Offices

Kochi Office


Manath Tower, opp. Police Station, Changampuzha Nagar, P.O,

Kalamassery, Kochi, Kerala 682033

28W9+F2 Kochi, Kerala

Calicut Office


10/595, Ground Floor, Vyabhara Bhavan, Chungam P.O, Feroke,

Calicut, KERALA – 673631

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