GSL ENERGY SOLUTIONS is a leading solar Solutions provider in Kerala that offers the best-in-class solar plants commissioning, and after sales services. We are a premier renewable energy solutions provider in Kerala, specializing in commissioning of solar power plants. Starting with designing, engineering, equipment acquisition, licensing, commissioning, and maintenance of power plants are all undertaken by GSL ENERGY SOLUTIONS PVT LTD.

We have been in the industry for the past 7 years and counting. We have over 440+ clients across Kerala. We have collaborated with about 1500 residential and commercial projects (completed and continuing) in Kerala, India. GSL have installed solar power plants capable of generating about 4.5MW and produce around 183,44 units of energy every day. We have enabled our clients to reduce CO2 emissions and reduced the carbon footprint by 3,898 pounds daily. In short, we provide complete solar turnkey solutions and deliver complete and optimal power plants suitable for clients’ requirement focusing on zeroing on the energy charges. Each Solar plant is water-resistant with waterproof solar structures. Our in-house solar structural modeling and analysis teams facilitate our customers to make the most of their precious investment by commissioning a cost-effective power plant. GSL Energy Solutions has been recognized all over Kerala and in India as one of the Best Solar-Energy Solutions Companies.


The Best Solar Company In Kerala

7 Years of Industrial Knowledge

We Have Delivered Projects

4+ MW Installed In & Around Kerala

Target Audience Are Residential Commercial & Industrial

Authorized Dealers Of Kirloskar

Why Choose Us ?

No more electricity costs

Proven Return on Investment

Clean energy source

Excellent after sales support to ensure production

Continuous Monitoring & Pro-active support

Generate your own power.

Solar Plant as Uninterrupted Power Supply Source.

Hassle-free experience.

How We Do ?

What We Offer ?

On-Grid Residential

On-grid residential setups are solar-powered homes that are connected to the electricity grid. The power generated through solar is sent to the grid and electricity for your usage is drawn from the grid. Electricity bills should only be paid when the power used exceeds the generated amount. On-grid solutions do not require an extensive set of batteries hence they are a cost-efficient solution. In this type of solution, the panels are deployed at the location provided by the customer, and the power is drawn at the same location. Also, a basic inverter infrastructure can be built to provide an uninterrupted power supply when the grid is out of power.

Off-Grid Residential

Off-grid residential setups have batteries that store the generated electricity. This type of solution is not connected to the local grid. The batteries function as electricity storage such that the generated electricity can be stored and used whenever required. The battery solution is designed in such a way that it supplies electricity to the household while also storing electricity for later use. Such types of solutions are recommended for very remote locations where connection to the grid is not feasible or where there are frequent power cuts. Off-grid solutions are more expensive than off-grid solutions because of the increased cost of batteries that are used for storage.

On-Grid Commercial

On-grid commercial solutions cater to large buildings and projects. In this type of solution, power is generated at one location like a solar power field and power is drawn from the grid at a different location. A consumer of an energy company can install solar plants in any part of the state and wheel the energy produced anywhere in the state if it’s the same consumer of the energy company. Depending on the usage, solar power fields are set up in one location and the power generated can be drawn at various locations as required. For large businesses that spend huge sums of money on electricity bills, solar power is a solution that will enable them to reduce electricity costs and get a return on investment of the solar power plant in a couple of years.

Hybrid Grid

A hybrid grid solution is where the benefits of on-grid and off-grid are combined to create a power solution. These setups are connected to the grid while a set of batteries are also deployed to store power. In these setups, the power is both stored and supplied to the grid such that the power supply remains uninterrupted despite long hours of grid downtime. This solution is available in various configurations depending on your need.

Solar Water Heating

Solar water heating is one of the most common uses of solar power. We cater to residences and businesses alike to set up solar water heating systems for their home and commercial use. Regular water heaters use a lot of electricity in the heating process. By equipping a solar water heater on your property, you can leverage the power of sunlight to generate hot water, thereby saving electricity costs in the process.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Electric Vehicles are an eco-friendly invention that protects the environment as well as reduces costs in fuel expenditure. However, not all the energy is clean or cheap if the traditional electricity is used to power these vehicles. True energy and cost-effective solution is where electric vehicles are powered with solar energy. The price of fuel can eventually become zero when the charging station is powered by solar energy. We create solutions that help you create charging stations that are entirely energy efficient. We also collaborate with investors and vendors in setting up charging stations for electric vehicles. We believe that this industry is bound to grow with the large-scale adoption of electric vehicles.

Benefits of Solar

Solar Works Everywhere

No More Surprising Bills

Flexibility of the System

Lower Carbon Footprint

Low Maintenance

Un Interrupted Power

Stored & Used

Return on Investment


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