1 Year Free Warranty Support

GSL offers a one-year free warranty support for their services. This means that if any issues arise with the installation within the first year, the company will provide support and repair services free of charge to their customers. This warranty provides peace of mind to customers and ensures that they are satisfied with the quality of the installation.

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The Hidden Costs of Solar Projects
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Continuous Monitoring & Support

Our team of experts utilizes advanced technology to monitor the performance of renewable energy systems in real-time and quickly address any issues that may arise.

This ensures that their customers’ systems operate at peak efficiency and minimizes downtime.

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Latest Solar Optimisation Techniques

We utilize the latest solar optimization techniques to maximize the efficiency of their solar energy systems.

This results in higher energy production and lower costs for their customers. With GSL Energy Solutions, customers can trust that their solar energy systems are being optimized with the latest techniques to provide maximum benefit.

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Quality Products
The Hidden Costs of Solar Projects

Market Proven Products

We only offer market-proven renewable energy products that are known for their reliability and high performance. Our range of products includes solar panels, batteries, and inverters that have been extensively tested and have a proven track record in the market.

With GSL Energy Solutions, customers can trust that they are receiving high-quality, market-proven renewable energy products.

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Best in class conversion efficiency

We utilize advanced technologies such as high-efficiency solar panels and inverters that maximize the amount of energy produced from renewable sources. This results in higher energy savings and lower costs for their customers.


How we do

1. Consultation & Site Survey 

2. Feasibility Approval

3. Design & Project Plan

4. Structural Implementation

5. Panel Mounting & Electrical 

6. Net Meter & Charging

7. Online Monitoring

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